The GLC technology/media department welcomes volunteers who are interested in the
technical aspects of audio and video production. Training is provided for operating the
audio and video systems by an experienced radio and TV broadcast and recording
engineer. There is a completely separate audio and video system in each of the two
buildings which are interconnected with audio and video feeds between them. Both
audio and video systems also feed to the internet as well as a third building on the GLC
campus which is used for other Sunday school classes. GLC streams (via fiber
internet) the broadcast of both the Sunday morning adult bible class and worship
service, as well as special services and events. Those interested in this type of work
are welcome to join the group of volunteers.

The technical facilities include:
In the sanctuary; a 32 channel FOH audio board, four computer-controlled video
character generators, four PTZ HD video cameras, and a 12 channel HD video
switcher. The audio system feeds the sanctuary P.A., and several separate monitoring

The Fellowship building is in the process of upgrading to four PTZ HD video cameras,
24 wireless table-top microphones with auto-switching, which will be grouped to feed an
18-channel wireless audio mixer. There will also be an 8-channel wireless video
switcher (both audio and video controlled via touch screens). The main area is used for
the adult bible class every Sunday, and has a complete audio PA and video projection
system as well.