Weekly Prayer Service
Anyone desiring to join us for a time of prayer is invited to our Sanctuary every Wednesday from 12pm -12:30pm.
God assures us that, as we gather in His Name, He is among us in truth and love and will empower us with His Almighty Word.  Join us!
If you cannot be present, email Pastor your prayer requests and I will include them next week:
Prayer Chain

A prayer chain is operated out of the church office by the secretary.   You may request to be included in the prayer chain or you may submit a prayer request by contacting the secretary at gracesanmarcossecretary@yahoo.com  

Community Prayer Group

 A group of members from various churches gather together for prayer every Monday evening at 6 p.m.

Everyone is invited!  

We meet on the 1st Monday at Grace Lutheran in the Educational Bldg.

We meet ALL other Mondays at First Baptist Church.

Monthly Pray For Us Calendar

Click below to find the prayer calendars available from the LCMS website.

Monthly Calendar PDF