In Matthew 26:17-19, Jesus instructed his disciples to make preparations for the Last Supper. What an honor and a privilege to carry out Jesus’ personal instructions!

Today these preparations still must be made so that our brothers and sisters in Christ can
partake of the Lord’s Supper when it is offered. Now, however, these instructions are carried
out by Altar Care team members. Again, I say, “What an honor and a privilege to carry out this
work for the Lord.”

Altar Care is the oversight to ensure all elements for the distribution of the Lord’s Supper are in
proper order for each Sunday and any additional worship service where Communion is served.
Oversight for Alter Care is provided by Assistant Pastor Jerrell Hein. Altar Care Co-Chairs are
Wanda Hein and Mary Overton. They are responsible for training Altar Care team members, as
well as providing the necessary back-office care (ordering supplies, cleaning linens, etc.).
There are two members per team and all team members are trained initially, and throughout
their service as each member deems necessary. Each member is provided written instructions
as well as one-on-one training. Set up and clean up usually take no more than 30 minutes each.
Teams are generally assigned to serve for a full month. Teams are rotated and each team will
serve for two or three months per year, depending on the number of teams available.

Altar Care Team Members

At May, 2022, the following are the Altar Care teams at Grace Lutheran Church:
Ruth Foster and Laura Beatty
Karen Bryson and Shirley Dobrowski
*Wanda Hein and Mary Overton
Josh Zuniga and Mary Overton
Eddie and Karen Abdou

*Wanda Hein and Mary Overton will be scheduled to cover the months including Easter and
Christmas services each year, as well as additional services, e.g., Midweek Lenten services and
Midweek Advent services.