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Why Support Missions Abroad?

Do we not have impoverished people in our own communities and nation? Should we not reach out to help those in our own neighborhoods? Wouldn’t it be more cost efficient and less time consuming?

The answer to all the above questions is yes. However, the issue is more complicated than the questions imply. 

The homeless and impoverished in our own community are needing our attention and they have it. However, feeding, clothing, and attending to such does not typically advance the Kingdom (though we offer help in the Name of Jesus and share His love and truth to all who will listen). Frequently the reality is a grab of goods without a change of lifestyle. We serve those in need anyway.

My experience is that those in third world countries are deeply grateful and desiring of not just physical help but spiritual as well. They hunger for the truth; they thirst for righteousness. They walk miles just to hear the message and share the love. They do not look at their watches to anticipate the end.

And when you help build and promote a Christian church/school you are providing a long-term instrument whereby many many more encounter the truth and love of Christ for generations to come.

Furthermore, the dollar goes many times further in a third world setting than in America. The entire church/school operation of Hope Lutheran in Bufuula, Uganda is set at $19,500. That is 200 plus students, 10 teaching staff, 4 non-teaching staff, food, health issues, curriculum/supplies etc. That is less than the salary of one teacher in America without benefits. 

In addition, health, food, and other regulations in America make it more difficult to help those in need.

If God presents a church/school in poverty (not because of poor stewardship) in our nation – we will certainly evaluate the opportunity. Problematic is the safety of ghetto ministry in the states. Everyone asks if working in Uganda is safe – it's safer than many American inner-cities at this point (food for thought).

All in all, we welcome and love to help those in our backyard. We evaluate every opportunity. But when God places before us the open door to build church/schools in third world communities, it presents a unique way to steward our limited resources and touch many lives for Christ Jesus. 

At home or abroad – that is our purpose and that is our desire. Thank you, Lord! Use us to bring you glory and delight.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Craig