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Nothing was able to mitigate against or frustrate God's love from being poured out on the cross by the sacrificial death of Christ Jesus for the sins of the world. In the silhouette of amazing grace, far from our sins preventing God's love, our sins were the very reason for His love payment. 

What about our love? Our love is a God empowered, God inspired, response to His unmitigated love. But our sinful, self obsessed flesh is constantly mitigating against the love we have received. Our spirit prompted by God's Spirit longs to love deeply without obligation or expectations. But our flesh (our natural self) wants no part of unconditional or sacrificial love expressions (unless it is love received for our own benefit). 

Once, by the message of the Gospel, you are able to "own" your natural self-centered neediness and see it as your greatest enemy in reflecting the image of your Redeemer, Jesus Christ, then the joy of loving AS you have been loved becomes the preemptive reality that strikes a death blow to the self-focused desires of the natural self. In the Spirit of God, through faith in Jesus, the obsession with the self becomes unattractive as you are drawn towards God in the power of His love.

Yes, in Christ, we lose ourselves in order to find ourselves (Luke 9:24). That is what our Savior revealed. In the love of our God we not only find the love needed but the fulfilment of love's engagement. Transformed into the light of love we become the visible representation of the invisible God. God is love (1 John 4:7-12).