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We teach our children to tell the truth. Why? Because we love them and we know lies will destroy.

That is also why we, as God’s people, seek to tell the truth. To live a lie is to become Satan’s pawn.

 Evangelism (telling the truth of God) should not be contrived.  

Too often Christians seem to force the sharing of the Gospel, as though out of some great obligation or guilt trip. Sharing the Gospel should be as natural for the Christian, as sharing one’s favorite delight is for the non-Christian. If we, who believe in Jesus as our Savior, have truly discovered His love and forgiveness, then why would we keep silent about such an awesome reality?  

But it can be controversial. It can be divisive, because many do not belief and many only pretend to believe. But those who live by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ cannot keep silent. Their values scream it, their priorities scream it and their lifestyles scream it. Words are just affirming what others are observing by the way we conduct ourselves, the way we give of ourselves, and the way we live our lives. Words frame what is observed.  

Not that others can’t see that we too are sinners. Look closely at any Christian and you will discover that what primarily separates unbelieving sinners from believing sinners is repentance and faith. Those who live by faith acknowledge their sins, repent of them, and seek to get rid of them through faith in Jesus. It’s a daily continual battle. Every Christian is actively engaged in the battle over the soul, and those who cling in faith to Christ have already won it.  

But, do not misunderstand. Words are important. More important than observation. Because the word we share is the truth of our God and Savior. The message of truth is the very means by which the Spirit of God grabs a hold and enlightens us. So live by faith and speak the truth as you have received it by grace.

Discover the thrill of God touching another by using the gifts He has graciously given to you!  

Pastor Craig