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Into this world of nonsense, where hardly anything makes any real sense, enters the truth of God. Now to the natural self the truth of God makes as little sense as anything else. But to the renewed mind, by the Spirit of God, light shines in the darkness and enlightens. Lies are exposed and truth is revealed. This is the great act of the Spirit’s sanctifying work. To sanctify is to set apart and make holy. Only God can accomplish that through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the great work of redemption. 

Simply put – nothing makes sense until God makes sense. When that happens, by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, then life enters an entirely new perspective. All of the questions are not answered, but absolute clarity is given as to the One who holds all of the answers and determines the outcome of it all.  

God is Sovereign. We can rest in the assurance that what God says is true in the truest sense. Our Creator/Redeemer began life and will call life into accountability concerning faith in the sacrificial sin-payment of Christ Jesus. He died – we live! That may make no sense to those who grope around in darkness and death. But, for me, whom God has opened ears and eyes, I believe that my Maker/Redeemer has made sense of senseless me.

All glory and thanks be to God.  

Pastor Craig