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If that seems negative, it’s because it is. I am not being pessimistic or a grumpy old man when I say that everything is broken. I am being a realist, but more than that – I am being a “truth teller.” We need more truth tellers in this world. The bulk of information that bombards us is at best mixed with hearsay, and at worst are just bold faced lies.  Why? Because everything IS broken in this world, including you and me.

God created the world without flaws (yes He did create this world in spite of the lies that He didn’t). Through original man’s decision to go against God, their Maker, we end up with a broken world under a curse. And the evidence of that is everywhere to be found. And it isn’t that we are just victims of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. We, everyone of us, are sinners too. We defy God endlessly and refuse the good that ought to engage us. Self-seeking is our general framework and self-protection is our standard priority.

Brokenness rears its ugly reality in a multitude of ways. A primary identification of brokenness is the way that fears grip our lives and shape us into someone never meant or intended or dreamed to be. Fears cause us to live as victims. No wonder depression, despair, anger and bitterness, resentments and addictions are the mainstay of many.

Everything may be broken, but God has the fix. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the unbelievable story of a God of love who became broken by our sins (He Himself was sinless), and died as a sin-sacrifice that we may be forgiven AND set free from being a victim to our broken states.

We are talking VICTORY over sin and therefore death. Life forever without sin, without brokenness, without loss or fears or shame or the forces of darkness and death. We are talking LIFE that NEVER ends in the Kingdom of our loving God.

Everything is broken but we have been healed. Not superficially, not outwardly, not temporarily. We have been healed eternally, from inside out, and in our resurrected realities NOTHING WILL BE BROKEN EVER AGAIN!

Thank you Jesus, our everlasting Savior.

Pastor Craig