Together in Mission Partnership

Grace Lutheran has the opportunity through Together in Mission (TIM) to partner with a missionary from our synod to share God’s Word with the world. 

Here at Grace, we can support Pastor Micah Wildauer in his role as a Church Planter in the country of Belize. Pastor Wildauer writes in a letter he sent to our congregation: 

“At this time, we invite you to continue with your support for us in any way you deem appropriate. Above all, I ask for your prayers. For some, you may also desire to continue to support us financially. For others, you may be at a point where you would like to continue to follow our work, but financial support is not possible at this time. Still others may desire to support mission work elsewhere, and I would gladly offer suggestions of other missionaries or projects. Whatever your choice might be at this time, we pray that the Lord will bless it as He most graciously has in the past. We are simply delighted that you have counted us worthy to support in various ways to this very day.”

Before accepting the position in Belize, Pasto Wildauer served at the Centre Luthérien d’Etudes Théologiques (CLET) in Dapaong, Togo. As a result of increasing Jihadist activity and civil instability in the region, his family returned to the US sooner than planned. The Wildauers plan to move to Belize in February 2021. Pastor Wildauer describes his role once he arrives there:  

“Though many short term teams have come through the country, there is not yet a strong Lutheran presence. The goal of the region is to spread the Gospel, plant Lutheran churches, and show mercy to all. Therefore, I will be actively engaged in the evangelization of many villages in order to establish altar and pulpit ministry. I will be working with an Alliance Missionary from Bolivia, a veteran missionary couple who recently relocated to Belize, and two Globally Engaged in Outreach missionaries who will join us in relocating there soon.” 

To learn more about Pastor Wildauer, his wife, Robin, and their 4 children, you can go to his missionary page at  

By partnering with missionaries in their global ministry each LCMS member has the opportunity to journey with them and share God’s Word with all the nations.

Those at Grace who want to give financially (beyond our congregation’s budgeted amount for TIM) can write a check to Grace Lutheran with memo - "Pastor Wildauer-Belize."

For more information about TIM: